Lucy Mair
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Soprano and Singing Teacher

Singing lessons in Hove with an experienced singer and singing teacher who is an understanding and welcoming professional.

Lucy is a lyric soprano and singing teacher, based in Sussex. She is a regular oratorio soloist and frequent recitalist. She teaches singing privately at home in Hove and in schools in West and East Sussex. She believes passionately that everybody can sing and loves to help her students find their best possible sound.


I believe that a free, natural voice is the most beautiful way of singing and my aim when teaching is to help you achieve this, whatever genre you sing. My singing students at home are all adults and I teach all abilities.

Singing can often feel vulnerable and some people are afraid of coming to singing lessons because of this. I am currently studying counselling skills in order to be able to help those students who find
the process of finding their voice particularly difficult.

I teach privately from home in Hove. If you've been thinking about having lessons because you love singing and want to improve or just to see if you're better than you think you are, get in touch!

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My confidence has improved greatly from lessons with Lucy Mair and I am feeling much more comfortable singing in front of people now.  Lucy's lessons are packed with great tips and exercises for body and voice. Lucy is continually improving her own practice with attendance at workshops and masterclasses and she passes on techniques to us the lucky students.  I've found her to be a very giving teacher with an approachable and fun manner which helps you to get over yourself and just sing!  She'll be a huge miss in the NorthEast. (Mel)

My lessons with Lucy have really boosted my confidence in my singing. I can now tackle pieces which are technically far beyond what I could sing previously. She is supportive and positive, and seems to have an inexhaustible array of problem-solving techniques, which for me have very much improved the tone of my voice and extended my vocal range, especially the top so that I can sing First Soprano without fear! I'm so glad I booked that trial lesson… (Jackie)

I've taken singing lessons with Lucy for around two and a half years.  I originally went to her so that I could perform a "party piece" at a choir social evening - got interested and now feel confident enough to sing at almost any occasion.  My thanks go to Lucy for tolerating my tantrums and sulking when I've not been able to perform to my satisfaction and for her constant support and good humour. (Stephen)

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